November 15, 2016

Just Because

If your upbringing was anything like mine, you may also have a mother who has a penchant for keeping the 'nice things' for a 'special occasion'. If this sounds familiar then you will know what I mean. The nice plates for when guests come over. The crystal vases kept in their boxes. The linens that stay in the cupboard and have probably never been used.

Try as I might, I've not been able to change her habits in this regard. I've even taken the morbid route and asked her what the point of all this preservation of the 'good stuff' is if she should not use these things during her lifetime. Her swift reply was that it would then go to me.

Personally I do not subscribe to this line of thinking. I believe in using the good stuff.  All the good stuff. I don't believe you need a reason or a specific occasion to make each day just a bit special. With so many of us become increasingly busier and perhaps even experiencing stress, I believe that to regularly enjoy the things that bring you joy help in making life that little bit more pleasant.

Making the every day special is the sentiment behind Jo Malone's celebration of 'just because'. To treat others just because you thought of them. Or you wanted to spoil them and make them smile. Sometimes the person you are treating might just happen to be yourself, and why should we not get to treat ourselves?

Just prior to leaving for New York (literally, the day before I flew out), I was invited to the Jo Malone counter at Myer Perth and better introduced to the Jo Malone brand. Though I was familiar with the brand already, I had not explored the range fully and learning about the ability to combine two or more of its fragrances to custom create your perfect personal scent was both interesting and appealing. This is what the brand refers to as The Art of Fragrance Combining. What appeals most to me about this is the ability to translate my favorite scents over the seasons, simply by adding another layer. As I travel between Perth and New York often, I am obviously finding myself in the opposite season and a warm and rich scent that works beautifully for a New York City winter is not the best choice for the height of summer in Perth.

My preference when it comes to scents leans toward the lighter florals. I always describe it as a light floral with a splash of water. That's exactly how I think of it in my mind. It came as no surprise to me that I gravitated to the Wild Bluebell, which I am told is one of their popular scents. The English Pear & Freesia was recommended to me by the Jo Malone fragrance specialist, and pairing these two together created something lovely. It was interesting that I found certain scents which I would ordinarily never have even tried, such as the Wood Sage & Sea Salt, to be quite pleasant and for this reason I definitely suggest visiting a Jo Malone counter or boutique to have one of their fragrance specialists help you work through their range. It is a very expansive range!

I was very generously gifted the Cologne Collection, which has been released as part of their Christmas range. The packaging is classically Jo Malone with a little twist of mischief with the black and gold harlequin print. These miniature colognes were perfect to take in my suitcase and the mix of scents worked from Perth to Abu Dhabi through to New York. Included in this collection are 9mL bottles of Lime Basil & Mandarin, Basil & Neroli, Pomegranate Noir, Mimosa & Cardamon and Wood Sage & Salt. Between them, these take you through the citrus, floral, fruity and woody scent families.

I also received a bottle each of the Wild Bluebell and English Pear & Freesia and a travel candle in the Lime Basil & Mandarin. The travel candle was a very thoughtful addition, to take with me on my trips to New York. I can imagine that the zingy freshness of this scent will definitely help perk me up after the many hours of flying. Did you know that Jo Malone makes a mammoth candle weighing in at 2.5kg? Now that is one candle I would love to have in my house.

The Merry Mischief Christmas collection has been released to counters as of Sunday 13 November. With a variety of products that start from $50 and are ready for gifting (all are packaged exquisitely) you will surely find something to help spread the holiday cheer.


  1. Oh I love Jo Malone, haven't used it in years since I left London. Thanks for the reminder! And totally agree, making use of the 'good' to make every day special :-)

  2. I am hearing about Jo Malone for the first time .Anyway I would like to use it now and want to feel it as real.From your post ,response of your post , I could finalize that this is one of the nice product.Thank you .

  3. Nice post, thanks so much for this sharing!