October 06, 2016

Making a Statement

For those who have the fine pleasure of knowing me off the web, they would have no qualms in confirming my claim that I can be an outspoken and forthright person. Speaking my mind is not something I struggle with though I don't deny that sometimes the delivery could be fine tuned, but hey, I can't weigh myself down with all the coulda, woulda, shouldas.

Although I always recall being this way I believe it's a combination of nature and nurture. Intrinsically my character and personality is such that speaking up comes easier to me than it may others, yet I have definitely found that as I've become older and entered the world of being a  'professional career woman', I've developed my assertiveness even further. In what I do I am outnumbered by men and it's very easy to be overlooked or not heard when you're a female, especially when you're of a petite stature and sometimes even mistaken for a high school student. Yes, seriously. I take it as a compliment that perhaps I've found the fountain of youth, but I surely cannot believe anyone would think me to be in my teens!

In a time long ago when I used to be able to read sheet music and play the flute, I was sitting with my tutor watching another student playing beautifully on the piano during a recital. She was amazing and I remember my tutor remarking on her perfect posture and impeccable poise, more than anybody else we had seen, and theorizing that she possibly developed that in order to compensate for her slight frame against the hulking size of a grand piano. That coupled with her faultless technique made all the statement that was needed; she meant business.

It's not always your words that tell who you are, and often the words are just a minor part of the story. The way you carry yourself, your clothes, your appearance, your style. They all create that story. Me, I like my shoes to do the talking when I'm not so busy running my mouth.

I love almost all shoes. I'm fairly certain this is well documented. Something about a beautiful pair of shoes sends my heart all aflutter and I begin to scheme on how I can make them mine. There's a time and place for sensible shoes but I always prefer the kind that are little bit more party than business and you can't go past the essential statement shoe.

A lot of the time I plan my outfit around the shoe. When I buy shoes, I don't think about if I have clothing to work with it because it's the clothes that have to get in formation, not the other way around. Three particular pairs of mine that I love are every bit a statement shoe in their own respect. It doesn't matter that it may not be current season, because a good shoe never really ages.

Sophia Webster always serves the fun and whimsical, with bright tones, glitter, printed fabrics and cute features like their laser cut wings. I bought this particular pair, the Keira, last year and don't wear it nearly enough as I should.

I usually gloss over Fendi in the shoe stakes but the Bug heels were one pair I had to have. There was something about the menacing look in the eyes and I don't quite mind the quirk factor of having a face on my feet.

Currently the MVP of the shoe game is the Aquazzura Wild Thing sandal. It's fast becoming an iconic shoe like the Valentino Rockstud. I like to describe them as being a little sassy and a little Sesame Street! They give me Mr Snuffleupagus vibes. Does anyone else see that? I think most are in agreement that the red is the knockout color despite it being available in a variety.

In a couple days I'll be strolling the shoe departments of Saks and Bergdorf's in New York. It's a bit like heaven to me and I can't wait for another little beauty to add to the collection. Watch this space. Or my Instagram.

All photographs by Soul of Shu

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