May 08, 2016

Bloom and Grow

I started and stopped writing this post more than a few times. It wasn't that I didn't have the words. The words were plenty, swirling around in my head. Sometimes though when you're going through a funk and life is a little shambolic, the words are there but the feeling to put them down ain't always following behind. 

I've been a little quieter than usual on the social media front. Part of it I attribute to getting stuck back into Perth life and seriously, why is it so cold all of a sudden? The other part, the overwhelming part, is that I've been feeling a little lost and attempting to find my direction. The GPS failed me slightly and it's back to navigating the old school way. Plotting out a route rather than going on auto pilot. 

In these last couple of weeks, if there's one overwhelming take away from the dead ends, detours and bumps in the road, it's that time and patience can really work magic.

I suppose I found myself concerned far too much on the destination. I failed to appreciate and enjoy the journey so far and was running the risk of letting this consume the rest of my travels as I made my way to my landing place. Cliche and corny but right now for me, very true. In trying to reach that destination, I was zooming along with no thoughts to the speed limits or road rules and it was only a matter of time before I had to slow down, even shift down gear to a snail pace.

This photos accompanying this post were taken a few weeks ago at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Each year for a very short period of time, the cherry blossom trees bloom. For most of the year they remain flowerless and then when the time is right, when the conditions are perfect, they explode in beauty. Just like magic. 

Even when their branches are bare, these trees are lovingly tended to but just in the right amount. Through a cold winter when it may seem like spring will never show up, the grounds staff at the park continue to look after and nurture these trees. A bit of patience, a lot of time, they know it will all come right. Just like these trees, everything in our life has its time and its season. You can't make winter end faster, but you know the sun is waiting for its time. All will be as it should be, even if it can't be seen yet. The flowers never forget how to bloom. 


  1. Beautiful photos and post! Sometimes it feels like we work so hard to get where we are going it's easy to keep going full steam ahead. It's so nice to slow down....

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