March 21, 2016

Spring and the City

Mic check. One, two.

Hello. Hola. Greetings from New York City. It's Sunday 20th March today which means the official start of spring. Though looking outside my window with the view of Queens over the Citi Fields stadium through to the city, the outlook belies the ticking over of seasons from winter to spring. Interestingly enough, snow was forecast for today but it never made its way to the party.

Despite the slightly cool and crisp weather for the most part of the last few weeks, there have been days of superb warmth and sun which produced perfect conditions to spend some hours in Central Park with lunch grabbed from the nearby food hall at The Plaza Hotel. I can never say no to one of the lobster roll combos from Luke's Lobster down there.

Enough of my rambling though. I have more to share with you but it's another wonderful Sunday in New York City even if the sun isn't out in full force to celebrate the start of spring. I won't let that stop me from making the most of the day, so for now, I'm signing out.

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