February 11, 2016

Freshly Scent

If scent is an intrinsic part of a person’s identity, you could easily pick me out of a line up based off olfactory senses alone. A full bouquet of florals sprayed with a mist of fresh water and the gentlest sprinkling of spice is me all bottled up.

When it comes to fragrances, I gravitate toward niche and specialist perfume brands and houses, such as Penhaligon’s and Santa Maria Novella. Though often times pricier than the more popular designer brand perfumes, for me the exceptional quality makes it an easy purchase. Often employing a small batch approach to their production, I find these scents to be so beautifully and intricately composed 

Slightly obscure and less known in the Australian market, Le Labo is another of my favored perfume brands. Though their fragrances are very delightful, what I really love is the entire concept behind selecting and purchasing one of their perfumes. Each perfume is compounded and bottled at the time of purchase to ensure it is nothing but fresh from the day you walk out of the store with it and with the option to personalize the label, that special little touch makes it a perfect gift. 

A terrific trifecta of jasmine, tuberose and lily, Lys 41 is a bold and sophisticated floral. Balanced out by the addition of vanilla, musk and some slight woody notes, the excessive headiness that sometimes comes with florals is avoided. For myself, once it has settled on my skin the overriding scent that comes through is of the white flowers and in terms of wearability, it lasts the entire day.

What about that cute personalized label? Complete with the location at which it was compounded, the date and the name of the person it is for, it’s a lovely keepsake to commemorate a special occasion or even to remember a trip by. The date also serves the useful purpose of knowing if your perfume is still fresh, as perfumes will keep for roughly two years when stored under the the ideal conditions. If you are to believe what my label says, my bottle of Lys was formulated for me on Christmas, but in fact Mr Santa Claus had it put together for me a few days prior though I am sure a day here or there will not make any difference for me as my bottle will be long empty by the time two years rolls around!

Available from Mecca Cosmetica and various stores and boutiques internationally – do visit their flagship store in New York City if you’re ever in town!


  1. I'm keen on trying this perfume! Looks fresh Su!
    xoxo, Jo

  2. Looks nice :)
    Maria V.

  3. The guys behind the creation of La Labo fragrances are just brilliant. They are creating the fragrance compounded by hand and made it on-demand. That's quite amazing. Thanks for sharing this review.