January 29, 2016

Lip Service


My makeup routine is very simple and lacks a lot of fuss, or technique. I've never been one of those girls who could draw perfectly draw their eyeliner and I most certainly am not one who can contour an entirely new face for myself. In addition to lacking the skills, I also just prefer to use as few products as possible. I like my mineral foundation and blush, my lashes curled but devoid of mascara and my eyebrows brushed. Tinted lip balm is usually what's on my lips. That's the day-to-day. When it comes to occasions that call for a bit more face, I'll add in some basic eye shadow and mascara and go for a gloss over just balm. I feel uncomfortable in too much makeup, almost as though I am playing dress up. 

My cosmetics arsenal is quite small and contains only the products I actually use. I don't have the entire catalog of MAC eye shadows or trays of product sitting on my dressing table. I don't get that rush of excitement or the feeling of "I must have!" when it comes to cosmetics. No, that is reserved for shoes. Unsurprisingly then, that the one cosmetic product in recent history that has made me sit up and take notice comes from one of my favorite shoe designers, Christian Louboutin.

The Louboutin Charme lipsticks first caught my eye when I spied them over social media from beauty editors who had received an early preview of the product, and from that moment it was all over. The first thing that strikes you is the opulent packaging.

Encased within a stunning gold bullet, it’s like an objet d’art and they definitely lend themselves to a bit of art deco styling. The exception to this gold case is the signature Louboutin red, fittingly named Rouge Louboutin, which comes in a black case. If the first thing you notice is its looks, the second thing you’ll notice is how heavy it is. I don’t know if I’ve ever picked up such a weighty lipstick before! Threaded through the cap is a ribbon, as it was designed to be worn around the neck if you so wish. Hence the name, Louboutin Charme. I wasn’t going to risk any serious neck injury on account of the weight, so I removed the ribbon. It was also getting in the way when using and carrying around in my bag!

Released in three formulations – velvet matte, silky satin and sheer voile – the number of shades over the entire collection total a whopping thirty eight, with twenty of those shades sitting in the silky satin range. My personal preference was, perhaps unsurprisingly, the sheer voile but wanting to try something different I also decided on a velvet matte.
Survivita to the left, You You on the right
I tend to be a ‘your lips but better’ kinda gal, but decided to go all out and choose shades I wouldn’t normally wear. After having a bit of a play with all the shades, in the sheer voile I selected You You and the velvet matte was Survivita. My first pair of Louboutin heels were actually the You You style, so that was a cute little coincidence.
You You

Both are similar red-based shades, with the matte Survivita being a cool toned red with a hint of pink peeking through, while the You You gives a lovely crushed berry hue to the lips.
Velvet Matte Survivita
As with any matte lipstick, good prepping of the lips beforehand will ensure a smooth application. True to its velvet matte name, it feels velvety on the lips and finishes to a soft matte. It lacks that overly dry and powdery finish that can be sometimes found with matte lipsticks. The color is extremely pigmented and long lasting, even after eating and drinking.
Sheer Voile You You
On the other hand, the sheer voile is a wonderfully glossy affair giving the perfect amount of color with shine. I love it. For a sheer formulation, there is no lack of pigmentation and it feels lovely on the lips. If you were to create a product from a lipstick and a lip gloss, I feel this is what you’d want. Great color performance with a shine that doesn’t have too much slip and definitely none of the stickiness of a gloss. The sheer voile is a definite winner in my books.


While it is an indulgent buy at US$90 a pop, I don’t believe you can dispute the quality of the product. Both the packaging and the product hit the mark. Though my makeup collection is not vast, I do have  lipsticks by Chanel, YSL and Dior and my thoughts on the Louboutin Charme are based on a comparison between these other brands.
Available online and in store from Louboutin, Saks and Sephora, you should definitely treat yourself. Or better yet, have someone treat you.

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  1. Love the shades you picked! Lovely to also know that they live up to the Louboutin name!

    SSG xxx