June 11, 2015

Tale of Two Cities. Edition HK.

There's an often quoted saying, once a year go somewhere you haven't been before. I'm guilty of revisiting my favourite places in the world. I think it's understandable and easily done. It's like the much adored piece of clothing you wear over and over until it becomes threadbare and a shell of its former self.


In the same way that I have to remind myself to not get stuck wearing the same outfit over and over again just because I dig it so much, I also have to remind myself that there is still the whole wide world out there for me to see. That something like this is even a concern in my mind is something that I'm extremely cognizant and grateful of. There are people who will never have the privilege of seeing the world beyond the small radius of their home. I may detest the long haul flights and the accompanying tiredness and jet lag, but all that means is I have the ability to book a flight whenever my feet should start to get itchy. For this privilege, I am exceptionally and eternally thankful.

Coming off my extremely special and memorable time in New York, I adjusted myself back to real life with a few days in Hong Kong. Being on the same time zone as Perth, it meant I could get my body and mind back to existing on a different day and time. Though I have travelled extensively through Asia, this was my first time in Hong Kong and I was excited to discover a new city.

In hindsight it would have served me well to be better prepared and have a clearer idea in my mind of what I wanted to see and do. My few days there were definitely experienced on the seat of my pants and making plans for each day as it came, but sometimes having no plans or schedules isn't always so bad.

From starting out in one beautiful boutique hotel and ending up in another on the other side of Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong was a symphonic blend of cultures and the old and new. Glimmering rows of designer stores sat alongside traditional Chinese herbalists. One thing that stuck in my mind was the proliferation of MCM backpacks adorning the back of almost every second man, woman and even child! Having eyed a mini MCM studded backpack in New York's The Plaza Hotel but deciding against the purchase, I was unable to resist its pull when seeing some variation of the highly recognizable MCM backpacks everywhere I looked in Hong Kong. I always say that when travelling, if you find something you love, buy it!

Staying at first The Luxe Manor and later the Mira Moon Hotel allowed myself and the travel buddy Shu to take in two very different experiences which made for amazing images. The Luxe Manor was vibrantly decorated with a whimsical tone and whilst little bits of whimsy peeked through in the styling of Mira Moon, each hotel was like day and night. The rich and bold colours of The Luxe Manor with its themed rooms contrasted against our very modern room at the Mira Moon, with its sleek and polished surfaces and ceiling to floor windows which gave me heart stopping amounts of natural light. I absolutely adored the grandeur of the Luxe Manor's lobby and the beautifully tiled bathroom at the Mira Moon with its huge window by the tub which overlooked the city with its blocks upon blocks of towers and skyscrapers.

It's about rest and play when I'm staying in hotels. Though some look at hotels as a mere place to lay their head at the end of the day, I look for hotels that are not only going to satisfy me in that regard but also leave me in awe and appreciation. I only appreciate not only good design and aesthetics but also the little things that make my stay more comfortable and enjoyable, such as complimentary use of the mini bar! Both hotels provided us with the free use of a smartphone which was invaluable in navigating our way through an unknown city.

It's fitting that this theme of rest and play found itself in the last two looks we shot for PET. and the Clique Arcade, with an evening-out-on-the-town appropriate look featuring PET's "Ace Motel" leopard print crop top and then something for the subsequent sleep in the next day in the very soft,cozy and infamous PET.Jamas.

Hong Kong, it was an enchanting introduction. Your food, your energy, your bustling streets, the hidden corners of tranquility and the way you offer up elements of both the east and west in perfect proportions. I hope to see you again soon.

Photography by SOUL of SHU.
Shot on location at The Luxe Manor and Mira Moon Hotel, Hong Kong.
Outfit details: 'Ace Motel' top by PET available from Clique Arcade, skirt by Bruug
'PET.Jamas' PJs also by PET

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