February 26, 2015

Of Superstars and Stripes

As I flew away to a foreign land, I went with the best of intentions. In regard to everything including blogging. My intentions were to regularly blog while I've been in New York City but that hasn't quite happened. In this city overflowing with energy and life, there's always something to do. There's always an event or a party, particularly so these last couple of weeks with the city playing host to both the NBA All Star Weekend and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The parties can be hectic. The drinks are seemingly never ending and it has been a week or so of late nights that turn into early mornings and me navigating my way home with sore feet and a soon-to-be sore head.

I take full advantage of NYC being a pedestrian friendly city and walk as much as possible. If I'm not on my feet you'll find me on the subway, sitting in one of the carriages as they rock their way back and forth through the labyrinthine tunnels. These last few nights have been bitterly cold. I say this without any exaggeration. With temperatures dipping to minus fifteen degrees celcius, once the wind chill factor is considered this falls to an even more dramatic minus twenty four degrees! On these nights a warm cab is difficult to resist, even though traffic usually draws out the journey home. 

An event I attended only days after arriving was one for Adidas Originals. The Wooster Street store in Soho was the venue for the launch of the new Superstar collection - that classic shelltoe shoe much loved by Run DMC and which to this day remains one of the most simplistically stylish casual shoes. In the coming months this iconic shoe is being released in various colour ways and designs. Possibly the most appropriate way to mark this release was to celebrate the influence this shoe and Adidas has had on pop and music culture.

Famed photographer Ricky Powell, whose images have captured for perpetuity a special time in the music scene, had some of his photography exhibited along with fellow photographer Jamel Shabazz. 

One such photograph of Powell's was of Run DMC posing in front of the Eiffel Tower rocking  "My Adidas" on their feet, of course. You couldn't get a more classic shot of superstars who left an indelible footprint on music history wearing their superstar of a shoe.

Ricky Powell posing in front of his photograph of Run DMC.

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