January 11, 2015

All That Glitters

All that glitters ain't always gold. Don't say it like that's a bad thing. Sure, all that bling bling and icey-ice is nice to have but comes with a price tag that isn't always so pretty. One of the easiest ways to accessorize an outfit and switch up your look is with jewellery and I have no qualms in filling up my jewellery box with gorgeous rocks and baubles of the faux variety.

Glance your eyes around your local shopping centre or the various shopping precincts in Perth and you're bound to see at least a couple retail stores serving up a similar offering of on-trend accessories and jewellery pieces. Shop Joey is a newly launched online boutique looking to give something a little different to what you've been used to seeing. Another great startup coming out of this city, Shop Joey is the realization of the childhood dream of its creative director and Perth local, Jessica. Having always wanted to pursue a career in the fashion industry since childhood, Jessica wants Shop Joey to be a boutique that helps women redefine their look through their accessories.

I attended Shop Joey's media preview in late 2014 and was shown a beautifully styled selection of some of the pieces personally selected by the Shop Joey team. Beyond just being a retailer, Shop Joey considers themselves to be a jewellery curator with every piece they offer selected and handpicked with their customers in mind.

Their opening collection is inspired by the modern woman who has a desire to be on-trend whilst retaining her own unique sense of style. The pieces in this collection are intended to be versatile enough be the perfect complement to her outfits regardless of the occasion she is dressing for.

It's this desire to allow the Shop Joey woman to embrace and express her personal style that Shop Joey is focused heavily on. Rather than primarily concerning themselves with what is trending, Shop Joey believes the distinction between them and other retailers is that they look to beyond what's currently trending and instead considers their customers to be their greatest source of inspiration. Engaging with their customers via social media and getting to know them and their personal style provides the inspiration they look to when it comes to curating their collections.

Shop Joey's online boutique is now live with a vast selection of affordable pieces of beauty. My pick of their collection is the Time Keepers bracelet, seen below. Pay a visit the online boutique and I'm sure you'll find a favourite of your own.

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