October 05, 2014

Snap 'n' Share

During Telstra Perth Fashion Festival I was provided with the Instax SP-1 Share and film by Fujifilm Australia for the purpose of this post, however opinions regarding the product are my own and without bias.

I can remember my utter excitement and delight the first time I saw an instant camera in use. Of course I had seen them on TV and in movies but at that time so few people had them and the idea of this camera that instantly printed your photo was quite the novelty. 

One day while out shopping with my mother a rep spruiking these cameras offered to take our photo. I think I was around seven years of age. Seeing it develop before my eyes was indeed some kind of sorcery. We didn't ever own one of these cameras and as the years passed I saw them being used less and less but their cool factor remained. 

There is something about instant photography that continues to draw us likes flies to honey. We climb into instant photo booths and wait around eagerly to see our photos drop down the chute. We love the candidness it offers; the ability to freeze that moment in time with just one click. 

It's been many decades since the first instant camera was introduced to the market and we are now living in the social media world. Dominated by Facebook and Instagram, it's never been easier to share our photos. Instagram, and other photo editing apps, have also never made it easier for us to look like we are on our A-game each and every day. That was the one thing you couldn't control with an instant camera; what you saw through the viewfinder is what you got and sometimes what you saw through the viewfinder wasn't even what developed on the film with a head or limb getting lost in the process.

But Fujifilm has changed all of that. Imagine pairing the fun of instant photography with the ability to edit your photo and know exactly what it looked like before it printed? Your mind is blown, right? No more wasted film packs because you looked a hot mess or half your friend's head was missing from the shot. 

The Instax SP-1 Share is the newest product to the Fujifilm range of instant photography products. Almost like a cousin to the Instax Mini camera, the Instax SP-1 Share is a portable printer which connects wirelessly to your smart phone and works in conjunction with a downloaded app, available for iPhone and Android handsets. What this means is that you can personally select the images you like, edit them to your heart's content, even add a cute little template and when you're entirely happy with how it looks, you send it to your Instax SP-1 Share printer. Hey presto, out it comes! Printed on the same credit card size as that used for the Instax Mini it captures all the fun and immediate gratification of instant photography but gives you that user control to make your photos exactly as you want them to be. 

Using the Instax SP-1 Share during Telstra Perth Fashion Festival, it was a breeze to snap the street style of many of Perth's bloggers and stylistas with my iPhone and then send it to print. It takes only 16 seconds for the image to print, and then it's just a matter of watching it as it develops right in front of you. Just as the name implies, it's all about snapping and sharing and the kid in all of us makes an appearance when you get your very own instant photo of yourself.

Connecting wirelessly was no problem at all. It is powered by batteries and as an energy saving feature it will turn itself off after a couple of minutes of no use, although this does get a little annoying as it doesn't have to be inactive for that long before shutting off. If you're at home you can also use it while plugged into a power outlet but unfortunately this does not charge the unit, so when on the go it will draw its power from the batteries.

The Instax SP-1 Share has the ability to access your phone's own camera roll and it can also select photos from your social media accounts. The reprint feature within the app allows you to print additional copies of any photo even if you've deleted them from your phone which is definitely handy! 

I have loved using the Instax SP-1 Share. As well as just being a whole lotta fun to use I really dig the idea of being able to print any photo I want in the instant format which gives it a definite advantage over other products in the instant camera category. Perfect for birthdays and other special occasions as well as being handy for those days you had great hair and want to show it off, it's undeniable that we are all attracted to these little photos. The Instax SP-1 Share is definitely the bomb.

Available at most major retailers with a RRP of $309 for the bundle pack with contains the Instax SP-1 Printer and film packs.

Harvey Norman Osborne Park have got the hook up for all the readers of Oyster & Pearl! Until October 31 2014, they are offering $20 off their price of the bundle pack. To take advantage of this offer all you need to do is show the image below when making your purchase. Should they be out of stock you may place an order prior to the end of October and the discounted price will be honoured once your order arrives. For all other terms and conditions please refer to the image. Fujifilm Australia has no involvement in this promotion. 

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