October 16, 2014

Let them eat brioche

It's long been fabled that Marie-Antoinette once uttered the words "let them eat cake" and with that set the wheels of the French Revolution into motion. Or in French, qu'ils mangent de la brioche. Literally translated into English, it actually means "let them eat brioche" and while that perhaps doesn't have quite the same ring to it when said in English, the rich, buttery and decadent bread that is brioche is as good a stand in for cake as you can get. While there's no verifiable historical evidence that Marie-Antoinette ever said such a thing, in fact it's hotly contested, what is undeniable is quite simply how delicious brioche is.

I generally don't eat much bread, not at all due to any carb phobia (goodness no!) but just because bread isn't something I like that much. I don't regularly eat sandwiches or toast, however bread like products such as croissants get the big tick of approval from me. I ate croissants daily for breakfast when in France. Of course. That's what you do. Brioche is another delight I regularly enjoyed in France and it's been a disappointment to not have been able to find a decent brioche in Perth. However, if you're after a good croissant look no further than Jean Pierre Sancho.

When I received an invitation from V Burger Bar to the launch event for their brioche burger range, the little Franchophile in me was of course interested. Burger and brioche. It's genius, really. I've had the brioche burger at Rockpool Bar on a couple of occasions and using the brioche as the bun really does turn the humble burger into something of a masterpiece.

Starter #1: crumbed mushrooms with spicy mayo
Starter #2: Crumbed haloumi
The new range has been a couple of months in the making, according to their chef Anthon who told me that it took many back and forths with their baker to get the brioche just right. Offering up the Americana, your classic style beef burger; the Piggy Back which is a delicious tender boneless pork rib and the cheesy and crunchy meat free Space Mushroom, the brioche range is worth trying. The soft and squidgy brioche is like a buttery cushion for your meat, or mushroom if you're on your meat free grind. Often when I eat burgers, I leave about a quarter of the bun but with my brioche, I scoffed the lot.

Thank you again to all the staff of V Burger Bar for the invitation. The brioche range is available at their East Victoria Park and Floreat stores from Friday 17 October, and guess what? It's half price for Friday through to Sunday so that means we can all eat brioche.


All photography by Shu Daniels of SOUL of SHU.  

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  1. God that looks so good. Brioche is so yummy. You look so cute with your little paper burger. Hehe

  2. Have you tried to brioche loaves at Marie Antoinette in Cottesloe??

    1. No I haven't but I'm going to try them now! Thanks for the heads up.