October 30, 2014

Giddy Up

I almost had a catastrophe. Almost. This near catastrophe that ended up not being a catastrophe is the reason behind this post being delivered to you much later than originally scheduled. 

You see, a couple of weeks ago I had a late Sunday afternoon lunch at Samson's Paddock in Mosman Park with Mark from The Foodie Hub. Having only been opened for four weeks, I think it was exactly four weeks on the date of our visit, we of course wanted to sample their fine wares. We snapped away on our big black cameras with protruding lenses, ate and then parted ways. Later that night I transferred some photos from my camera's memory card onto my laptop. I have a habit of slipping my memory cards into the pockets of my clothes, that's if I'm wearing pockets with clothes. Days passed and I couldn't find this memory card. I searched high and low and came to the conclusion I must have left it in my pocket which means the memory card took a spin in my washing machine. Again I searched. No trace of it in the machine, amongst my clothes or outside. Alas, it was gone and with it all my photos I had yet to backup including those taken at Samson's Paddock.

I fretted for a little longer hoping that this wasn't wasn't the fate that befell it. After sifting through a pile of letters on my desk I found it wedged between some envelopes. Oh happy days! And now, I can finally bring this post to you.

Located on Glyde Street in Mosman Park, Samson's Paddock is a deceivingly large restaurant with two dining areas inside and a large outdoor area built over a couple of levels and furnished with lounge seating. The outdoor area is so inviting and I couldn't turn down a table in the sun but prior to ordering food we moved inside as it became just a tad too harsh even for my sun loving self. I wonder what they plan to do in summertime as I think it would be quite difficult for patrons to sit unshaded during the day which is a shame as their outdoor set up is quite lovely.

The menu comes in the form of a book. A large selection of food and drink choices is offered with further details in the back of the book on the various wines. I wanted to try a selection of their tasting plates so I ordered the pan fried chicken livers, polenta fritters and coconut crusted tiger prawns while Mark had the chicken salad that was made up of baby spinach, strawberries, ricotta and walnuts. Yes, all those tasting plates were for me. Ain't no shame in my eating game.

We had retreated from the outdoor area to the second dining room that is off to the side of the bar. With its large windows it's a beautiful light filled room. Our food arrived and looked just as beautiful.

I chatted with our server about the liver dish and she asked if I had eaten liver before. Are you kidding me? I love the stuff. She said she enjoys this dish herself but finds many patrons are apprehensive to order it although when they do they end up loving it. Get on the liver y'all. You don't know what you're missing.

Served with toasted ciabatta, ricotta and onion jam it was fantastic. The polenta fitters came with a smokey remoulade and were crispy on the outside but creamy on the inside. As a good fritter should be.

The tiger prawns was such a pretty looking dish. Wrapped in shavings of coconut and then fried golden, it was crispy enough to eat whole, shell and all. There's something quite joyful about crunching away on a crispy fried prawn shell.

I left Mark to eat his salad while I enjoyed these three dishes. Although he offered it to me to taste, I passed and concentrated on my three plates. It would have been great if I was able to try a couple more of their tasting plates as I enjoyed my three very much, but there's only so much I can eat. Almost all of their menu looked quite appealing. To me Samson's Paddock is a great place to set yourself up for those lazy weekend afternoons with friends enjoying great food. Especially come those fantastic balmy summer evenings spent outside on one their lounges with a refreshing drink in hand.
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