October 10, 2014

Get Lucky, homie.

It should come as no surprise, if you have read anything I've ever written in this little space of mine,  for me to say that I immensely enjoy a good meal. One which may or may not be accompanied by an equally satisfying alcoholic beverage. I'm not a food blogger. I just like to eat. Part of this includes checking out newly opened venues in Perth. I have my old favourites, but I'm always looking to add more to this list.

It's one thing to try out a new place within the first week or two of its opening but it's an entirely different thing to dine at a venue that is so new it hasn't even opened. In fact, so new that the construction of it isn't even complete, but that's what I did last night at Lucky Chan's Laundry + Noodle Bar in Northbridge.

Chefs waiting to feed us
Invited by Team Chan to be amongst the first to get a taste of what will be on offer, once construction is complete and the doors are officially flung open, the night was an opportunity to learn more about what Lucky Chan is planning to bring to the dining scene of Perth and of course, taste their culinary offerings.

Lucky Chan is the creation of the dynamos behind The Classroom and is a true labour of love for them. They've rolled up their sleeves to demolish the existing buildings and are working through the day in rebuilding the premises before they head off to their jobs at the bar.

Not just investing their physical resources into Lucky Chan, they are also busy working on ensuring that their recipes, techniques and ingredients are top notch. Just in perfecting their ramen recipe the chefs toiled for months to make sure that it was not only delicious but also authentically honoured the Asian roots of the dish.

We were treated to this ramen, the comforting broth filled with sliced pork and a slow poached 62-degree egg. The noodles themselves were superbly made. Washed down with a choya umeshu cocktail, it was a great introduction to Lucky Chan. Along with ramen and other noodle dishes, they also plan to include dumplings on the menu.

Before all this can happen though, the restaurant needs to be finished. They need a roof over their heads. Literally. One portion of the restaurant is still without a roof and there's still much work to be done. It's this part where they are looking for the ramen loving folk of Perth to get involved.

Lucky Chan is currently crowd funding to get its doors open and the ramen and dumplings (plus other dishes which I will keep a secret) into your bellies. If you want to be part of what is possibly the first ever crowdfunded restaurant, visit their site and get to pledging. Not only will you get the warm and fuzzies but there's plenty of different rewards to choose from. Get Lucky!

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