October 26, 2014

A Grand Affair

There's nothing like having something a little bit exciting happen to break up what can at times be a pretty ordinary and monotonous week. Sometimes a quick but fulfilling rendezvous is all you need to put a little spring back into your step. Other times a slightly more leisurely affair is what you need to recharge the batteries so that you can plough through the days until the respite of the weekend arrives. The way things have been lately for me though, the weekends provide no more rest than what I get during the week but I'm not complaining because I wouldn't have it any other way. One thing that's a certainty about it, I only ever do what I want to do and if I'm not feeling it, I'm not having it.

It was only the start of my new week when I was contacted by the manager of Silks restaurant at Crown Perth. One of the most premium venues in Perth, I was looking forward to dining there midweek as I have eaten at all the previous Chinese restaurants at Crown (in its former existence as Burswood) and I had intended to eat there in the near future so I definitely think the fortune cookie crumbled in my favour when I received this invitation. 

Upon arrival we were greeted by Jeffery, the manager, who took us to our table right in the centre of the main dining floor. Three extremely large and impressive decorative urns, which immediately command your attention when you walk in, set the grand mood for the night. It was all very fancy. 

The plush and spacious interiors are a very elegant cream and gold and semi private booths are dotted along the side of the room for more intimate dining. If we're talking grand affairs, sometimes a little discretion is appreciated. 

The menu had already been put together for us by the chef, which I appreciated as I wanted my dining experience to be left in their hands. Being my first time to Silks I wanted to shy away from the dishes I would usually order and try something new and different. 

Following our asparagus amuse-bouche, on the menu for us that evening was a trio of honey glazed barbeque pork, peking duck consomm√© and marinated strips of cucumber to start the meal and awaken our tastebuds for what was to further come. The duck consomm√© was so warming and delicate in flavour, it certainly beats the bone broth I make at home in my slow cooker. The thick and moist pieces of pork meat were certainly some of the nicest barbeque pork I've eaten. 

Next up was the baked crab shell. The flaky crab meat was flavoured with a spicy Portuguese sauce which I would think lends itself to the Portuguese influence you'd find in some dishes of Hong Kong. Jeffery tells me that most of the dishes on the Silks menu is Cantonese style but they do carry some other dishes, such as those cooked in the Szechuan style, to cater to some of their international guests and diners. I really quite enjoyed the crab. 

Following this our main dishes were brought to the table. One of the waiters served us Silk's signature fried rice which is a step or two up from your standard Chinese fried rice. Containing scallop and roast duck, I watched as the waiter very skillfully plated it up for us using two spoons held together in the one hand. To go with our fried rice were the largest king prawns I have ever eaten, kung pao chicken and Mongolian lamb. The lamb was served alongside a steamer pot of soft mantou buns. We were suggested to eat the lamb sandwiched within the mantou to create a little DIY bao. Baos are all the rage right now and I am extremely partial to the soft and slightly sweet buns and could happily eat many of them in one sitting. I'm not a huge fan of lamb but this dish was flavoured well, so was devoid of the overpowering lamb taste that I really do not enjoy. 

The kung pao chicken was studded with pieces of dried chilli and from the moment the lid was removed from the dish the chilli hit me. This is one of the few Szechuan dishes they feature of the menu and one of the signature dishes of the restaurant. For a good solid choice I don't think you can go past this. It's something you find at many Chinese restaurants and it's just one of those great old favourites. My tolerance for chilli is high and it's by no means mild but for anyone who can even handle a low level of heat, I think they'd very easily be able to enjoy this. 

The king prawns were a knock out. As mentioned they were huge. Absolutely massive. Lightly battered and deep fried with a sprinkle of chilli sea salt, it was so enjoyable. 

Although I was now quite full our meal had to be finished off with their signature dessert of mango pudding. Another item that you'll commonly find elsewhere, their mango pudding is a layered creation of the pudding, a lime streusel biscuit crumb, fresh mango pieces and a lime sorbet. Mango pudding is not something I really like but I am a firm believer in always giving something a try. The pudding was silky with a very obvious mango flavour to it that tasted more natural than fake. Although it was a good pudding I have to say I still am not a fan of mango pudding. It's just not something I like. Overall I don't enjoy gelatinous pudding desserts, and that's my personal preference rather than a criticism of their dessert. The streusel crumb, fresh mango and sorbet were all delicious and made for great textures within the dessert as a whole. Our final treat came in the form of a piece of handmade lychee jelly. A fantastically fruity jube, I told Jeffery they should consider boxing them for sale because I would definitely buy them. 

With the food component of the night over Jeffery gave us a tour of the entire restaurant. With private dining rooms on the ground floor of the restaurant and on the level above they can easily cater for functions. The upstairs private dining room has access to a balcony, much like the private dining rooms of Nobu however it unfortunately does not have the view that Nobu does. 

Of interest to me was their dim sum service on weekends. In fact, I was booked in for dim sum that following Sunday and planned to take my mum but she woke up that morning with shingles so I had to cancel those plans. I would still like to return in the near future to try their dim sum. 

Although Silks is a very visually stunning venue with a refined atmosphere, don't think that it's stuffy. The service from the staff is friendly and attentive. I can easily recommend Silks for a variety of occasions, whether it be a family dinner, business or romance. Don't forget to ask for the booth if your visit is of the romantic kind. 

Thank you to Silks for the invitation. All photographs by Shu Daniels of SOUL of SHU.

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  1. Your photos are always so lovely I really likethem. Its so nice to see a blog with great photos. Makes such a difference to the experience.

  2. Gosh what a great review with photos. It's amaze. I so wanna go to Silks now. It looks like such a great place. Definitely fancy!