September 22, 2014

Hello Parry. You're So Lovely.

To say that the last few days have been hectic would be an understatement. I once heard the saying "fashion never sleeps, so neither do we" and after being sleep deprived since Thursday, I now personally understand the truth in this statement. Being involved with Telstra Perth Fashion Festival this year has been enormously enjoyable and a crazy fun experience but I will be looking forward to washing my hair of all the copious amounts of hair spray, scrubbing my face clean of the runway ready make up and falling into my bed wearing my soft but extremely unfashionable pyjamas.

Before that can happen, there are still shows to see and events to attend. I don't know how the professional models do it. For myself, walking in the two Restyle Runway shows has consisted of early mornings and hours spent back of house, either having my hair styled, make up applied or just sitting around waiting. The models, who are all effortlessly and amazingly beautiful, have been doing this for days on end and multiple times each day. After just one show I am crying out for my bed. 

Wearing Hello Parry to Hello Parry. Of course. Shelan of Shelan Creatives in white and myself in black. Photo by Soul of Shu.
Blogger central in the front row
Fatigue aside, one show I was delighted to attend was the unveiling of Hello Parry's collection. I must thank Sandy and the team at Hello Parry for my invitation to sit front row. It was the perfect vantage point from which to view their collection which consisted of beautiful feminine styles mixed with a touch of sports luxe, because we girls all have a little bit of gangster in us. What appeals to me most about Hello Parry is that they offer many attractive and wearable pieces at an affordable price tag. Their spring/summer range is full of light and bright colours, prints and gorgeous fabrics. While not all the new pieces are on their website as yet, I spied a couple of pieces on the runway that I must get my hands on once they drop. For some key pieces to include in your wardrobe as the weather in Perth warms up, wander over to their website and introduce yourself to Hello Parry.


  1. So gutted I missed the show! I love how the pieces are very on trend and affordable too.

  2. I agree Sass and Spice. That is definitely the attraction for me with Hello Parry!