August 04, 2014

New Cheese on the Block

I haven't always been a fan of cheese. Even now, I wouldn't say I am a cheese lover but over the years my appreciation and enjoyment of certain cheeses has grown. I didn't eat cheese as a child other than when I was packed a lunchbox of Jatz crackers, thickly sliced salami and the cheese to accompany. I'm known to sometimes make this for myself as a snack when the urge to have a picnic at my desk strikes. 

Although cheese and I are not the bestest of friends, we like each other and as time passes I am sure that we will like each other more. I've become quite fond of eating a brie or cheddar with the obligatory quince paste and as the days, months and years pass I am getting more and more adventurous with my cheese choices. 

Real deal cheese lovers will be delighted to know that the Little Cheese Shop has opened in Bayswater. What I am sure is a very welcome addition to ol' Baysie, Little Cheese Shop stocks a large range of cheeses and the accompaniments, such as Maggie Beer and Poach Pear products. 

Officially open for trade this week, I attended their opening event on the weekend to sample their wares and check out the store. Conveniently located across the road from the train station, the people had turned out in droves to support the new player in the neighbourhood. 

Going in for the kill...

...and she scores!

I am a huge fan of pâté, goodness gracious I love it, and they stock the delicious and silky pâtés from the Poach Pear range as well as the terrines and rillettes.

I would love to see Little Cheese Shop to stock some quality cured meat and smallgood products in the future. That would indeed make it the one stop shop for your perfect cheese board or charcuterie plate. 

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