August 31, 2014

Meet & Greet

It's often said that Perth is like a country town and everybody knows each other. If you were playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon amongst Perth residents you'd be sure to have a hit. But just because many of Perth's residents are acquainted with each other doesn't mean we all know everybody. At least not always in real life.

Social media is a funny thing. We connect with people we don't know beyond a tiny square or round photo of them (and sometimes that photo ain't even them) and we have conversations with strangers not too unlike the conversations we would have with friends. It's not surprising given that social media has the ability to link you with peeps with whom you share common interests. I guess it's really like how people met "back in the day" except now it's often done via little rectangular objects we carry around with us. 

Perhaps I am not the only one who picked up on this and this is what led a few of the creative folk within the Perth community to organize an Instameet. What a lovely portmanteau of the words "Instagram" and "meet". Stacey Clark and Bec Tougas put out the call to all - why not meet your favourite Instagrammers? Your favourite Instagrammers' favourite Instagrammers? And last Thursday, one hundred and fifty or so 'grammers converged at Empire in Highgate to meet, mingle and of course, take photos to upload with the obligatory hashtags.

It was almost like a party that spilled out into the sidewalks of Beaufort Street, complete with a DJ (who might I add was playing some pretty damn good music), drinks from the Barpop crew and affogatos from the Chicho Gelato and Micrology collab.

The ladies from Pure Glow Cleanse were there with samples of their Buddha Juice and Debra Hayes had a gorgeous cart of blooms for your own DIY bouquet. No celebration is complete without cake, and the scrumptious cupcakes were provided by Laura Isabella. I don't envy of her job of baking all those cupcakes! 

It was a wonderful opportunity to catch up with old friends and stuff our faces with cupcakes while debating over whether to purchase Missoni bathroom accessories, and to meet many new faces, in real life. 

With the "old friends" - Nezuki, Sass & Spice, Miss Heidy

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