August 21, 2014

Get Striped

I once heard a saying that you don't find the time, you make the time. Which generally I would agree with. We know for a fact we have twenty four hours in a day to do the things we need or want to do. No more but also no less. So if you really want to get something done, you make the time for it within the given hours of each day. I'm going to tell you though that with all that I have had on my plate over the last couple of weeks I couldn't make the time even if I had the recipe for it. A huge amount of my time had been spent on putting the final touches on my birthday plans and that has now come and gone, which is pretty sad because I eagerly look forward to my birthday each year. It was an awesome birthday though. I'll regale you with how grand it was some other time.

For now, I can resume my usual blogging activities and hit you with a new post. I've actually been looking forward to posting this one for quite some time but I had to wait until the time was right. I say that because this is my first Restyle post and I had to wait until the theme for my outfit came up on the calendar. You may not be familiar with what Restyle exactly is so I shall bless you with the knowledge. Restyle is part of the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival and it's all about showing appreciation for opshopping. The official Restyle bloggers are tasked with posting a photo a day in line with each day's outfit prompt and part of their outfit should be sourced from an opshop. Viewers at home are also invited to play along and if you take a look on Instagram at the #Restyle2014 hashtag you'll see that many have decided to join the party. 

The official Restyle bloggers are doing a great job so far. I would be stuck trying to pull together an outfit for some of the prompts so I give them mad credit for their imagination and creativity. 

As stripes are amongst my favourite patterns to wear, it's fitting I join in the fun on the twenty first day of the challenge given that is the outfit prompt for the day. I had a lot of fun taking these photos with my good friend Shu even if it did take me a little bit of time to get into model mode. You'll notice that one photo was shot in an entirely different location. I know you're wondering why so I shall tell you. While attempting to take some shots in an inner city residential street we were shadowed by a group of very creepy men who didn't seem to have the mental capacity to understand that their presence was not welcome or appreciated. I still don't understand why some men persist with this type of behaviour but the change of location did make for some lovely shots.

My striped outfit is an opshopped shirt dress paired with a pair of vintage Bottega Veneta boots purchased from Suz Suq. The Ginger & Smart fur scared was purchased many, many years ago and has seen better days.

It's definitely the outfit to wear when traipsing through vineyards.


All photos taken by Shu Daniels of SOUL of SHU.

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