August 23, 2014

Act of Lace

I have a weakness for all things lace. Dresses, blouses and of course, lingerie. For the most part, my style is very feminine so it should be of no surprise that I am very fond of lace. The sight of a pretty something made of lace is enough for me to get my purse out.

Although some might consider lace to be something that is to be saved for those special occasions, I think it's entirely too pretty to be hidden away in your wardrobe. While you certainly won't find me rolling into the office wearing an exquisite little number made of out French lace, I do like to inject a little bit of lace into my outfits on a regular basis. This may be in the form of a blouse with some lace detailing or a lace pencil skirt worn with a more basic style of top.

At the recent Blogger Emporium held at Many 6160 I stumbled across a gorgeous little cream Witchery sweater that had a sheer black lace panel running through the centre of it and at the bargain price of $7 (hello!) of course I had to take it home with me. Since purchasing it, I have worn it a number of times already. Usually I don't buy this style of top as I always believed that they didn't suit me but I've been pleasantly surprised at how well it does suit me and I have worn it in so many different ways. For a casual look, I layer it with a plain camisole underneath and I have also worn it to work with a collared shirt.

While not technically opshopped, I did want to feature this sweater for Restyle's lace prompt. My shoes are a pair of vintage Gucci studded mules from Suz Suq. These shoes are from a collection during Tom Ford's reign at Gucci and in my opinion, some of the best looks from Gucci came during his time.

This will likely be my last Restyle outfit although I will hopefully play a little bit more next year.

Notice the change of heels? A woman's right to shoes.

Photo credit to Shu Daniels of SOUL of SHU.

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