July 20, 2014

Prettiest in Pink

I used to own so many articles of pink clothing. I don't know when I started shedding the pink. It's not that I don't like the colour. Indeed I do. It's still a colour that I favour when it comes to many things other than my clothes which was why I had to rummage through everything I owned to find something that I could wear which would satisfy a "pretty in pink" dress code. 

On Friday night I was delighted to attend the Pretty In Pink Girls Night hosted by Love Thread at Hello Parry HQ in Northbridge. Hello Parry HQ is located in a supreme location and I think it would make for a perfect inner city crib. I just wouldn't want to be the poor soul navigating the wooden stairs after a night out. As it was I found myself walking out while holding onto the wall. 

Styled by Love is Party and Shelan Creatives, the room was decked out with pink balloons and decor plus a scrumptious sweets and drinks buffets in many hues of pink. Amy Davis and Emer Rose were on hand if you wanted to get your make up or nails did. I left that night with some super sparkly nail art, in pink of course. 

Kelly from Beauty Bites WA gets her nails did

The finished product on Kelly from Beauty Bites WA!

While an opportunity to meet other Perth bloggers, the proceeds from the night were in support of the Esther Foundation which is an organization that I am familiar with having attended their past fundraising events and so I knew very well of the essential and great work they do. 

In which I am sure was a highlight for many, Michelle from A Minute Away From Snowing came along and chatted about her own experience as a blogger and shared some great advice for all. As someone who was an old school member of Vogue Forums from way, way back it was lovely to see Michelle given that she too has been around the VF traps for as long as I had been. Voguettes for life. 

Given the special discount available Hello Parry made available to us on the night I couldn't resist taking home a small purchase. 

It was well over an hour after the official finish time that I carefully made my way down the stairs. A sure indicator of a great night in with the girls. 


  1. Love your post Su. I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed the night. 💋💕

    1. I very much did! Hope to see you again in the future at another event. :-)