June 14, 2014

Discovering a Gem

I am, as most of us probably are, guilty at times of having preconceived ideas of what I believe something to be, without the experience or history to be able to make that assessment. We think we know what something is without knowing anything about it at all. We base our opinions without any real basis for the quantification. The great harm in doing that, other than potentially showing yourself to be a twit, is that you can miss out on the good things that you never gave a chance to because you thought you already knew. Preconceptions can often be misconceptions. When it comes to taking chances, there's always the possibility that you can end up with something not so good but sometimes you end up with something even better than good. Such is the crap shoot that is life. Sometimes when you leap and take a chance you may find yourself at the receiving end of something wonderful.

Taking a chance on something completely unknown can also lead to great discoveries. Discoveries so freaking good that you wish you weren't so slow on the uptake. Jezebelle is one example of a freaking good discovery. To make a confession, I had never spent any time in Guildford until recently and all I knew about food choices in the area was limited to the burgers at Alfred's, which I really don't think are all that. However, Jezebelle is definitely all that.

The first time I visited Jezebelle for a late lunch. I had been at a couple of home opens prior and I originally thought to grab a bite to eat in Mount Lawley but decided to drive a few minutes in the other direction on Guildford Road and check out Jezebelle after a quick look on my Urbanspoon app. As much as I love all the places in Mount Lawley, I didn't want to head anywhere busy and we all know parking can be a nightmare. I was so glad that I did. Not only did I have eat some great food but I had a chance to check out all the vintage and antique stores along James Street. I enjoyed my little side trip so much that I returned a couple of weeks later. The recent news is that the Guildford Hotel may be in the near future reopened. I'm told that the progressing state of decay of the building is a source of some consternation amongst locals. It'll be interesting to see what comes of it. For now, there's some awesome art inside on the walls, not that I'm telling you all to head on inside to take a look, I'm just saying, you know?

So, a couple of weeks later I returned to Jezebelle with a friend and my cousin to whom I had absolutely raved to about the food. When we were done they agreed that my high praise was most warranted. It was a Saturday afternoon and the rain was bucketing down like crazy. I could have spent the rest of the day in the chill surrounds of Jezebelle. On Sunday afternoons they put their own twist on the Sunday session and invite local Perth jazz artists to entertain their patrons. I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Smooth sounds, a well made drink in your hand and some great dishes to share with good company. I need to get on that ASAP.

Even without the draw of live jazz music to go with my drinks, a dish of their perfect churros is more than enough reason to be there. Their churros, served with an addictive dulce de leche sauce, are the best churros I have ever had in Perth. The best. Not even going to argue with you about it, just accept that they are the best. Soft and fluffy, not heavy or doughy but crispy on the outside. And that dulce de leche. You don't even know.

Or the tender beef cheeks served on creamy soft polenta. A brilliant winter dish, brilliantly flavoured by the pickled wild mushrooms with polenta so creamy and smooth that even nonna would be proud. 

The only dish I could have passed on were the goose sliders. On paper it was intriguing and sounded like it could be a nice twist on those lovely little mini burgers but the goose meet was very dry and lacking flavour. I think it was also constructed a bit poorly and you couldn't take a bite without it practically falling apart.

Everything else was perfect though. The prawns were beautifully plump and fresh served with daikon and slices of coconut.

The duck liver parfait was creamy and rich as as parfaits should be. The cubes of Pedro Ximenez jelly were a touch difficult to maneuver onto the sourdough. A couple more cubes would have been ideal to balance out the parfait. The sourdough comes from Jean Pierre Sancho and one cannot fault the JP Sancho baked goods. 

My friend and cousin kept themselves hydrated with caipiroskas while I had their Apple Amazing which is a refreshing mix of Pomme Verte, vodka, apple juice, mint and lime. I was told the caipiroskas were superbly made. I also very much enjoyed my beverage choice. 

The pork belly was a different pork belly dish to what I was served my first go round. This is the winter pork belly choice which is served with quince pieces and a crackle salt on the crisp skin. The quince provides that tart flavour that is usually supplied by apple; it was nice to see quince being used for something a little different. 

I think I'm going to stop ordering chorizo. I have eaten it so often that I'm chorizo'd out. I say that now though. Wait until I see it on a menu and I probably won't be able to resist. 

Jezebelle is definitely one of those chances that I was glad to have taken..
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