April 29, 2014

Pedal Power. Comes in Plum.

In my earlier post Happiness is the Truth I wrote about my plans to get a bike. At that time in January I said I was going to get it in a couple of weeks. Fast forward to now, the end of April and it's finally happened!

It's not completely a story of procrastination. You see, I went to buy my bike many weeks ago. I did a test ride and was completely happy. We tried to see if it would fit into my car boot but alas it would not. My car also does not have rear seats that fold down. Sad times indeed. It left the sales person a little bewildered. I don't think she ever came across a car before that didn't have rear seats which folded down. Don't blame me, blame Lexus. 

I was able to borrow my mum's car which does have fold down rear seats and finally over the Easter weekend, I got my bike! Even better, they were having a sale!

Check her out...

There was the option of getting a similar coloured bell but I opted against being too matchy matchy.

I bought this baby from Reid Cycles, which has store locations around Australia and also operates an online store. Their prices are quite reasonable in comparison to other bike stores and it was their pricing that made me choose to buy from them. I know that build and quality wise there are similar bikes which are probably better and come with a much higher price tag however I am not planning on entering Le Tour de France so for the amount of riding I expect to do, I believe this will be sufficient. If you're a mad keen cycler and expect to spend mucho time on two wheels then of course by all means perhaps spend more if that's what you need to do.

I bought my bike in their plum colour but they have many more great colours to choose from. Here it is in white. Looks pretty fresh. 

So fresh and so clean.

If you see me on the roads, honk and please don't run me over! 


  1. It's gorgeous! Reid Cycles is meant to be one of the best.

  2. Oh that is great to know Maya! They are on the cheaper end, I've seen these types of bikes selling for over $500, but I know I won't ride it *that* much to justify spending too much. They do seem good quality though even at a lower price point!