September 09, 2013

A purchase, a sunny weekend and a brunch

Spring is officially here and every few days the weather likes to give us a peek-a-boo of the better weather to come. This weekend in Perth we received one such peek-a-boo glimpse. This week's forecast predicts a full week of rain. The weather does like to tease us so. 

Even so, the sunny weather made for a perfect opportunity to meet with a good friend for a brunch and stroll through one of our prettier suburbs. The full trees and blooming flowers know it's Spring. 

My friend suggested to meet at Domain on Loch in Nedlands. Set on the corner of a residential street amongst pretty homes, it has a quaint charm about it. Once inside as you walk toward the back you get the feel of being in a bright beach house with its pastel painted walls. I loved the quirky feature of having some of the walls papered in pages from old newspapers and magazines. The recipes printed on them for apricot chicken and fancy jelly desserts tell their age.

The menu offers up your standard breakfast dishes of eggs various ways, muesli, French toast and pancakes as well as some different options including a baked chorizo dish, which my friend ordered. I went with the hash brown served with scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and Hollandaise sauce. She ordered a banana and mango smoothie, I went with a juice made up of apple, orange and watermelon. I asked if they had any mint if they could also add that to the juice, which they did. Sometimes you need an extra bit of perking up on a Saturday morning! 

 My friend's baked chorizo dish consisted of beans, spinach and chorizo baked in a tomato sauce. It's a fairly decent sized dish and one that I think should be served with bread or toast on the side to mop up the sauce. It doesn't come with any but she ordered a side of toast. 

My hash brown was akin to a rösti. On top was piled a generous amount of scramble eggs and smoked salmon drowned in Hollandaise sauce. Perhaps a tad too much Hollandaise sauce for some, but I don't mind a bit of sauciness. I did think the eggs were slightly overcooked and they weren't the creamiest of scrambled eggs. 

We got there at 11am, I am not sure if it is busier at an earlier time. I'd go there again as alternative to many of the busier cafes in South Perth or Leederville, which even at that time can see you waiting for a table, and to try some of their other breakfast choices.

The fine weather also meant I could give my Bruug wedges their first outing. I love them and the length they give to my legs! 

I also couldn't help myself on Friday and bought a couple more Bruug goodies. Ladies, if you've not checked out Bruug, do yourself a favour! I ended up buying three pieces to make up an entire outfit for $155!  I loved the shorts so much I ended up wearing them that night.

Yep, a seedy bathroom photo in a bar on Friday night.

I also was unable to resist the purchase below. I saw it online on the Louis Vuitton website and it was must have at first sight. I was delighted when a quick call to the store confirmed they had stock. Although I may only work a short walk from their boutique on King Street, these heeled feet aren't walking that distance for nothing! 

It is the LV20 Couture belt and comes in gold and silver. The leather is textured to look like grosgrain ribbon. I want to get my hands on one of the Hermès belts but without a boutique here in Perth, this will do for now. 

Perth Fashion Festival starts in a few days on September 11. I can't wait to see what comes out of it! In the meantime I'm enjoying the collections being shown in New York.

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