August 21, 2013

ISIKA Spa Crown Perth

This past weekend I had the great pleasure to experience the luxury that is the ISIKA (yes, stylized in upper case letters) Spa at Crown Perth.

ISIKA is what a day spa should be. 

It is welcoming, luxurious, relaxing, personal and private. All the qualities, I believe, a day spa should possess. There are a number of day spas operating in Perth, and having done the rounds to many of them I will honestly say that some of them are not befitting of the title 'day spa'. Not that there's anything wrong with that and it's not an assessment of the service I received, but when I think of day spa I think of a sanctuary where you can escape to for an hour or two (even more if you should be so lucky!) and just forget where you are and what's going on outside. ISIKA definitely ticks those boxes. 

Upon arrival you are taken through to the change rooms, separate facilities for males and females of course. The change rooms are fitted out with lockers, each locker complete with a fluffy robe, slippers and disposable underwear. It's these touches which really set ISIKA apart from the rest. 

Below are some photos I snapped with my phone of the reception and change room. 

In the change room area you will find the toilets and showers, and also the steam room and a vitality pool. You may ask, what's a vitality pool? A vitality pool is a heated spa fit out with various air and water jets, typically in the form of 'body stations' to massage different parts of your body. All clients of ISIKA, regardless of their booked treatment, are able to use the steam room and vitality spa. 

I had every intention of making use of both but I didn't allow myself enough time prior to my treatment and only ended up steaming. 

Following on from this area is the relaxation lounge. This is where your therapist will collect you from when it is time for your treatment to start. Clients may use the lounge pre and post treatment. 

I had the sixty minute classic relaxation massage with Elle as my therapist. The sixty minute classic relaxation massage is $169 but starts at $99 for a thirty minute massage. 

Before commencing Elle asked if I had any areas I'd like greater attention paid to, for me this was my back and shoulders.  The pressure was perfect. Often massages at salons and spas can be quite ineffective with too little pressure applied. While I appreciate I'm not there to be pummeled, I also don't think soft, featherlight touches with the fingers is desirable. Elle applied just the right amount of pressure in that I could really feel my tensions being worked out yet could also relax. And relax I did, falling asleep on the massage bed.  I do think that's the sign of a good massage. 

I have to make a special mention about the hand massage. Oh my goodness. It put me in heaven. 

After I was done, I shuffled back to the relaxation lounge (the robes are generously sized and extremely fluffy) to enjoy some quiet me time and sipped some herbal tea while thinking about when I could next return. 



  1. That spot with the two chaise lounge chairs looks just lovely. Would love to sit there and read for a while after having a nice soak in the vitality pool :)

    Sarah | Spa in Manhattan

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