August 23, 2013

Delicious at Rochelle Adonis

I recently hosted a Great Gatsby themed high tea for my birthday at Rochelle Adonis and let me tell you about the fabulous time we all had.

Having experienced high tea at Rochelle Adonis in the past I knew already of the quality of their service and food, however for many of my guests it was their first time and they all agreed how wonderful the high tea at Rochelle Adonis is.  I am quite the fan of high tea and have sampled many of the venues around Perth that offer high tea, and without a doubt, nobody does it quite like Rochelle Adonis.  It is a tradition that I celebrate my birthday with high tea and this is the second birthday I have celebrated at Rochelle Adonis.  Last year's high tea was a disaster and this year I wanted to hold it somewhere that I knew we would all enjoy.

Originally located in Northbridge on Lake Street, Rochelle Adonis has recently moved to much larger premises in Highgate on the corner of Beaufort Street and St Albans Avenue.  It's the perfect spot for them.  They're now in a gorgeous building which pairs wonderfully with the feminine vintage style of their decor.

Now that they have the luxury of much more space, there are two dining areas as well as tables outside on the veranda. The two dining areas can accommodate groups of up to sixteen and twenty four people. 

The treats are served in two sublime courses - savoury and sweet. In between a palate cleanser in the form of a freshly fruit flavoured ice block is served. There is a good choice of Seventh Duchess tea and also Remedy coffee served French press style. You can also bring your own champagne or sparkling bubbles. 

What you won't find here are your standard cucumber sandwiches and scones. What you will find are inventive and delicious morsels that will delight your taste buds and showcase our great local fresh produce. Standouts for me were the cauliflower soup garnished with shavings of black truffle and the signature Rochelle Adonis sundae. 

If you've not had a Rochelle Adonis high tea, put it into your diary to go. They can also accommodate those with special dietary requests; we had one vegetarian at the table. 

It's lovely to see the success Rochelle Adonis has had which necessitated the larger premises. Just prior to leaving I spoke briefly with Rochelle and mentioned this to her. She graciously responded that she owes this success to the women of Perth who have embraced the Rochelle Adonis high tea. 

- Outfit notes: being a Great Gatsby and Roaring Twenties themed event, below is a snap of my outfit. 


My silk and lace dress was purchased at a cute little boutique in Saint-Remy-de-Provence in France. The clutch and shoes are Chanel and Sergio Rossi (I love these shoes so much!) and my jacket is by Harmony & Lawson.  Of course, can't forget the requisite pearls - my much loved double strand with diamond clasp.  You'll be able to get your hot little hands on the bedspread at Ikea - hehe.

Rochelle Adonis

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